Friday, March 4, 2011

Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant

Thanks and appreciation to Lisa Delaney, who wrote the MA Cultural Council grant application. SAA has been awarded a generous grant to support demonstrations for local artists, such as the up-coming one listed below!

George Martin Demo

"Figs 1", oil on linen, 6" x 8"
by George Martin

Venturing out from under the mounds of snow, we offer a demo by an outstanding local artist, George Martin. His medium is oil painting, and he will demonstrate how to reduce pieces using grids (for small show submissions or clients who want it just a little bit smaller), as part of our on-going series of practical knowledge for the serious artist. It's free, and will be at Marian Court College, 35 Little's Point Road, in Swampscott. Date is March 15th, Tuesday, at 7:00.

A Day of Art, Music, Food and History

A Special Event has been planned by Laura Erlich, formerly of Erlich Gallery in Marblehead. A Guide to the Boston Art World will take you to Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Hill Stead Estates, for a full day of art, music, historical homes and food adventures. The date is May 6th, and transportation is included. Contact Laura Erlich at